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Tomorrow I am leaving to go on my first meditation retreat at Karme Choling Shambhala Center in Vermont. I am nervous about the traveling, but excited about the program. From what I have been able to find online, its beautiful there…


…they have gardens, and hiking trails, and many acres of land up in the White Mountains. No cell service, no internet or wifi. I will be totally unplugged for the long weekend. Me Time. 

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Hi. Welcome.

I have switched it up and started a new blog on a new domain, just because I want a change, and because I want to write about more than yarn and knitting.

Recently, I have taken to woodburning, and other wood crafts. It started with wanting to make personal gifts for family last Christmas. I hit up pinterest and came upon nail and string art – where you outline a design with evenly placed nails, then wrap string around those nails to make a picture. I needed wood to make something like that. My husband taught me how to use power tools so I could saw and sand some pallet wood myself. It felt kinda cool to make stuff with power tools, and after making a few nail/string art pieces (see below), I began to hunt for other projects I could tackle.


My husband and I ended up making a cribbage board for my cousin, and Dave (my husband) suggested I woodburn a design on the bottom of the board. I gave it a try, and it turned out pretty good. Then my mom asked me to make her a welcome sign for her front door, one of those really tall ones. So I made that too.

Its gone on and on from there. Ive made all sorts of plaques and signs with woodburned quotes and designs. Ive sold a few here and there, but I mostly just make what Im inspired to make. If it turns out, I might put it in my etsy shop, but its not really about that. Its a fun hobby, and I enjoy it. It has me being creative and drawing again.

So, thats the creative side of things at the moment. I have a few knitting projects Ive recently finished to share as well, but I will save those and my interest in Shanbhala Buddhism for future posts.

Thanks for checking out the new blog.

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